101 in 1001 #45: Upgrade my iPhone 5 to a newer model.

I've been limping my 3.5-year old iPhone 5 along for...well, the last 3.5 years, and it was finally time for a change. After countless "Storage Nearly Full" alerts, random power-downs causing me to oversleep (despite a full charge), and the traumatic lack of the most current emojis thanks to the lack of upgrade space, I have officially joined the ranks of the latest and greatest. I have an iPhone 7. 


You guys, I am so excited about this. It's got 32gb of space for downloading 10-hour Spotify playlists and taking way too many pictures for this blog. It's shiny and clean and has a fingerprint recognizer that actually works. Yeah, it's a bit big for my Donald Trump-sized tiny hands, but I'll get used to it. 

My mom, dad, and I went to Target on Sunday and did a series of phone swaps...I upgraded my 5 to a 7, Jodester upgraded her 6s to a 7, and my dad adopted my mom's rose gold 6s...with a case to cover the pink. We proceeded to spend the rest of the night not talking as we all messed with our respective new tech, and it was wonderful. 

With a super cute Wit & Delight phone case in tow (the portable battery charger included says "Swipe Right," hi duh that's funny), I'm ready to go - lots of storage, lightning-fast load times, and general extra-functionality for the win. Now if only I could fit it in my pocket...

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