Inventory: (wishfully early) Spring 2017


Making: endless lists...logistics, meal planning, future dreams, and spring clothing.

Cooking: tonight, this chicken and autumn vegetable sheet pan bake. Hopping back on the Whole30 train (mostly) after a weekend of debauchery and ALL THE CHAMPAGNE. 

Drinking: vanilla almond "Get Clean" tea from the Republic of Tea. Obsessed. 

Reading: “Catcher in the Rye," finally! 

Wanting: movement on certain fronts that are stalling out kind of frustratingly. 

Looking: for opportunities around every corner.

Playing: "Dear Evan Hansen," the "La La Land" instrumental soundtrack, and Mendelssohn's Scottish Symphony interchangeably all the time. 

Listening: See above. 

Wishing: that moving wasn't such a drag (our lease is up 5/31 and I'm already dreading it!).

Enjoying: weekly lake walks and brewery dates with Kelsie.  

Waiting: for April the Giraffe to have her baby (omg I'm so embarrassed that I got sucked into this circus). 

Liking: the week I have shaping up - two Guthries, a concert, and the opera! 

Wondering: when the heck I'm going to, you know, sleep this week. 

Hoping: for lots and lots of good news, and that the gym isn't crowded at lunch.

Marveling: at the springlike forecast we've got coming in Minneapolis, awww yissss.  

Needing: to not eat the whole box of Thin Mints I bought yesterday in one sitting...wish me luck!

Smelling: the lovely odor of heavy-duty Eucerin hand cream, delish.

Wearing: the world's most perfect $25 black ankle pants (thanks Old Navy!)

Following: Gavin Kaysen's new restaurant, Bellecour, on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter - so excited for our 3/31 and 4/29 reservations! 

Noticing: how much bigger an iPhone 7 is than a 5s and struggling with that adjustment (new phone, finally, hooray!).

Knowing: how lucky we are to be alive right now (SHAMELESS HAMILTON REFERENCE). 

Thinking: about the future ooh OOOH.

Bookmarking: flights to the West Coast in June (so excited for Theresa's wedding!).

Giggling: at Emily's Napa photos, which she finally shared yesterday.

Feeling: incredibly excited and optimistic and hopeful, and that's just lovely :)