My first 101 in 1001 officially ended on my 28th birthday, 2/11/17, and while I only got through a little over half my list, it was such a fun experiment that I decided I had to make another one! I gained so much from my first 101 in 1001 and had experiences I would never have otherwise embraced...becoming obsessed with opera and sneaking off to Mexico with Kelsie, mentoring at work and falling in love with Rent the Runway, wine-tasting my way through Napa Valley and diving into philanthropy. The last 1001 days were so much richer as a result of that list, and I'm so excited for the next 1001 to be even better!

My second list countdown officially starts today, 2/13/17, and ends, serendipitously, on 11/11/2019. With my well-documented love of 11/11, I think that timing is pretty flipping perfect. While some items are carry-overs from my first list that I just didn't want to give up on, the vast majority are all new adventures that I can't wait to have. Without further ado, here's my second 101 in 1001...let me know if you want to join me! 

START DATE: February 13, 2017

END DATE: November 11, 2019





1. Visit Southern California.

2. Visit a new state: completed June 2017!

3. Visit a new country.

4. Take a ski trip: completed December 2017!

5. See a Broadway show...on Broadway: completed 10/20/17!

6. See Mount Rushmore: completed 6/5/17!

7. Go to New York to see an opera at the Met: completed 2/17/18!

8. Take a girls' trip: completed June 2017!

9. Plan a trip to the UK for my family.

10. Go back to Mexico with Kelsie.

11. See the Ring Cycle at the San Francisco Opera: completed June 2018!

12. Visit both my siblings.

13. See a Notre Dame away game.

14. Send postcards from a vacation: completed November 2018!

15. Visit a national park: completed June 6, 2017!


16. Try kayaking.

17. Actually religiously follow the 21-Day Fix for 21 days.

18. Take a Pilates class: Completed September 2017!

19. Try out Class Pass.

20. Reach a healthy BMI. 

21. Figure out a skincare regimen that makes sense.

22. Go on a day trip…on bikes.

23. Keep a gratitude journal for a season.

24. Invest in prescription sunglasses.

25. Figure out a vitamin/supplement regimen - and stick to it. 

26. Take a barre class.

27. Do another Whole30.

28. Join a yoga studio: Completed September 2017!

29. Try out dry brushing for a month.


30. Hardcore clean out my wardrobe: completed October 2018! 

31. Invest in the perfect navy blazer. 

32. Wear lipstick every day for a week.

33. Buy a quality piece of heirloom jewelry.

34. Try a foot peel: completed 3/18/17!

35. Get a facial.

36. Find the perfect trench coat.

37. Buy a pair of rain boots.


38. Double my savings.

39. Put $20 in savings for every item completed.

40. Rehab my computer.

41. Plan an event for my board: completed Feb-March 2017! 

42. Subscribe to a podcast: completed October 2017!

43. Unsubscribe from junk emails: completed 2/21/17! 

44. Keep a "money diary" tracking every penny I spend for two weeks.

45. Upgrade my iPhone 5 to a newer model: completed 3/5/17!

46. Consolidate my retirement accounts. 


47. Join the bone marrow registry: completed October 2017!

48. Join the Corby Society.

49. Attend a benefit.

50. Volunteer with the Page Foundation.

51. Join a Bay Area board or arts-related program.

52. Get more involved in the United Way: completed 4/5/17!

53. Donate blood.

54. Volunteer through Stanford.


Domestic Goddess

55. Make sushi from scratch.

56. Try to grow an herb garden: completed summer 2017!

57. Make homemade pasta: completed 12/2/17!

58. Learn to make the perfect risotto. 

59. Make macarons.

60. Invest in a really nice vacuum.

61. Figure out how to actually clean the oven, the Keurig, and the dishwasher.

62. Have a quilt made from my ND t-shirts.

63. Figure out how to fold fitted sheets: completed October 2017!

64. Have the rest of my art framed and add it to my gallery wall.

Personal Development/Growth

65. Learn calligraphy: completed 4/12/17!

66. Learn to tie a tie.

67. Invest in a high-quality camera.

68. Take a photography class.

69. Join the Alliance Francaise.

70. Blog every item as I complete it.

71. Make a new list after the 1001 days have passed.

72. Read "Candide" in French.

73. Have our family's piano tuned.

74. Make a list of friends' birthdays and addresses…and use it to send cards.

Just for Fun

75. Go skinny-dipping.

76. Treat myself to a spa day.

77. Go to a country concert with my dad.

78. Send a care package: completed 3/20/18!

79. Try a bourbon/whiskey tasting: completed 4/2/17! 

80. Upgrade my luggage: completed November 2018!

81. Go to a concert that’s out of my comfort zone.

82. Go mini-golfing.

83. Purchase and use up personalized stationery.

84. See a comedy or improv show: completed September 2017!

85. See "Hamilton" again: completed 4/15/17!

86. See a ballet: Completed April 2018!

87. See every Oscar Best Picture Nominee for an awards season.


88. Go to Northern Spark

89. Try 5 new restaurants in the Twin Cities: completed 5/4/17! 

90. Go snow-shoeing.

91. Visit Itasca State Park.

92. Visit a new-to-me museum.

93. Join the Basilica.

94. Visit Duluth. 

95. Go ice-skating.

96. Hike a Minnesota trail.

97. Take a Paisley Park tour (and have Prince pancakes for breakfast!). 

98. See a concert at First Ave.

99. Go to a Vikings game.

100. Try out the Minnesota Wine Passport.

101. Visit the James J Hill House.