Twenty-something. Ten thousand lakes. One blog catching everything in between.

After spending the first eighteen years of my life in the Twin Cities metro area, I migrated eastward (while still staying thoroughly Midwest) for college under a well-known Golden Dome (go Irish!). After I graduated, I couldn't get the North Star State out of my bloodstream, and returned home for the adventures of first-time, full-time employment, finding friends, falling in and out of love, and learning how to [insert basic life skill]…chronicled here for your enjoyment.

About the blog: 

After a discussion with a few friends, I realized that as mundane as day-to-day life appears to me, there sure is a lot of hilarity, poignancy, and universal truth (if I may say so myself) hiding in the average twenty-something's everyday existence. That realization, juxtaposed with how quickly these daily minutiae are forgotten, inspired me to give blogging a shot. I've always craved the written word and loved keeping journals and diaries...though my track record is faulty at best. From Sunday brunch to workout tracking, books I loved to music I'm craving, embarrassing anecdotes to deep and serious's all fair game here.  


"I'm from Minnesota. I'm optimistic. I mean, that's just who I am." -Thomas Friedman 


About your author:

Hi! I'm Liz (more commonly known as Lizzie, or Elizabeth if I'm in trouble...hi Mom!). I'm a twenty-something accounting and finance professional living in (duh) Minneapolis, a hop, skip, and a jump from my hometown of Lakeville, MN. You can most commonly find me curled up in my apartment with a book, and if I'm not there, it's likely I'm at a play or the orchestra, out watching Notre Dame football, or taking up temporary residence at a friend's lake place. 

Uncoordinated and uninhibited, I'll do just about anything for a laugh (or, more likely, to win an argument). I've always been a passionate bibliophile, a coffee addict, and a people-pleaser to a fault. I have a major thing for mimosas on Sundays, and I never met a striped shirt I didn't immediately convince myself I need. I loathe tardiness, intentional misspellings of words, and Styrofoam. I am a firm believer in kindness and optimism, and nothing makes me happier than fireworks or marching bands...except my friends and family. I've been told in the past that I'm overly enthusiastic about life in general, but I beg to differ...there's nothing wrong with the glass half full, especially if it's half full of champagne.