Take a break.

"...run away with us for the summer, let's go upstate!" While I may be channeling my inner Schuyler Sister with this title, it's mostly just to segue into the fact that I've been on a bit of a break from the blog and a lot of other aspects of normal-person life, like sleeping, for instance. 

There's a lot going on currently - I've done the classic Lizzie thing where I stack several dozen things on my plate all at once, and generally pretend I have it all together. While this always results in a ton of fun/great memories/general adventures, it also means I push things like writing to the wayside. 

Things I've been up to in between/as part of the craziness: 

Cat came to visit! We had a blast catching up, hanging out with bandies and exploring Minneapolis (mostly its bar scene!). 

Michael experienced his first Guthrie play, Kaufman and Ferber's "The Royal Family," and took a peek at the Endless Bridge despite the frigid winds. 

Kelsie's birthday shenanigans started with happy hour and creme brulee at The Happy Gnome...

...and continued last weekend with a hilarious evening at Rival House!

I celebrated St. Patrick's Day...HARD. Stories of shenanigans to follow at some point. 

Hal, Nicholas, and I grabbed pastries and drinks at Spoon and Stable last weekend - so delicious as always. 

These two have been my go-to buddies for the last several weeks - they're the best stress relief. Recently, we've tried out the newly-reopened Lexington, saw "Beauty and the Beast," hit up the Parade of Homes, and spent a hilarious morning playing old-school arcade games. They're my utter favorites. 

More regular posting to come soon...in the meantime, cross your fingers and send some positive thoughts my way in hopes that everything I'm juggling stays smoothly airborne!