March-ing on.

Just a quick little lunch break post to rhapsodize about a day that started off curmudgeon-ly and totally turned itself around in the span of about a half hour, gang. Because who couldn't do with a little mid-day pick me up? 

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning after a night of really consistent, weird, continuing dreams that I lost my makeup bag on a vacation to San Juan with my sister. For some reason, every time I'd wake up a bit from dreaming, I'd fall back asleep and right back into this frantic, spastic panic over the fact that I had no moisturizer or Clinique concealer. I finally woke up unhappily with my alarm at 6, firmly told my groggy self that I did not, in fact, lose my makeup bag in San Juan or anywhere else for that matter, and snoozed until 6:30 (again). Then I almost got plowed over by a very oblivious semi on the way to work (said semi proceeded to road-rage me all the way to my downtown exit), and there you have it, folks. A very, very cranky Minneapoliz in St. Paul. 

But then things turned around. I had coffee with friend/colleague Stu, who's delightful, and the cafe had cinnamon coffee this morning, which I love above all others. I ran a very productive meeting with my company's treasury department in which I was able to effectively leverage a totally obscure/niche skillset from my public accounting days, resulting in major time saved and a great little knowledge-share. For some reason I really get off on being the youngest person in a meeting by minimum ten to fifteen years, and yet managing to demonstrate that I'm totally qualified and bring a lot to the table despite my (relative) youth here. It feels so good. 

After the meeting, I ran into Walgreens to fill a prescription, and wandered out with a delightful little assortment of St. Patrick's Day cards, daffodil-yellow nail polish (can you say great summery pedicure in my future?!), and a mini Reese's Easter egg. Excellent, totally winning, totally random combo. Then I meandered over to D'Brian's, where I proceeded to pick up my favorite salad (cran-almond chicken, honey spice dressing) for lunch. While on line, I had the nicest chat with a first-timer who was confused about exactly where you wait to order (it IS confusing) and we smiled and joked and generally exchanged warm fuzzies all around. Strangers can so easily make or break a day. Isn't that fun/funny?

I smiled all the way back through the skyway and then realized that it's actually SUPER gorgeous out for a day that was supposed to be 25 and crummy. For some reason, it made my toes happy-tingly that I could comfortably be outdoors with my coat unbuttoned and no gloves on. Then I just carried all that happy loving on the weather over into loving on St. Paul architecture, the random mural on the side of the Wallgreens, and smiling at my very favorite security guard at our building. This evening, I have a great happy hour with a new friend to look forward to, and I think I'm going to spoil myself and get my car washed. WHOO! Walking on the wild side. 

I'm just really feeling March for some reason today, campers. Here's to noticing and savoring the little things more's brightened my day so much. Happy lunch break to you and yours!