Ear Candy: Spring Ahead

I'm currently looking out the window of our apartment at lots and lots of actual natural light. It's 7pm. How awesome is Spring Ahead? Having light later in the day makes me inherently more happy. I'm more alert in the evenings, my workouts feel better, I smile more...this is the first tangible sign that winter is on its way out and summer is waiting just a few flips of the calendar away! Couple that with Minnesota's warmer-than-usual forecast for the next 5-10 days, and you can put me in the happy camper corner. 

I was such a struggly mess this morning though. Taking an already-not-a-morning-person and throwing the whole "GOTCHA! It feels like 5am but it's actually 6!" thing at me just comes off as cruel and unusual punishment. Not proud to admit that this morning, I hit snooze til 6:30 am, got ready as fast as humanly possible, and got back in bed until five minutes before we had to leave. Time, therefore, for an up-tempo, happy playlist to get me going these next few spring-ahead days! 

Here's what's blasting through the ol' earbuds lately: 

-Smallpools, "Mason Jar"

-Ingrid Michaelson, "Girls Chase Boys"

-Walk the Moon, "Quesadilla"

-Night Terrors of 1927, "Smoke Signals"

-Prince, "7"

-Regina Spektor, "Hotel Song"

-Little Daylight, "Glitter and Gold"

-Bronze Radio Return, "Up, On & Over"

-American Authors, "Hit It"

-WE ARE TWIN, "Keep On Lovin' You"

These songs are all so great for a morning pick-me-up, and each has something special and quirky that keeps me listening. I love WE ARE TWIN's lead singer's raspy, smoky voice. Prince is just timeless and effortless in every way. Regina Spektor's sweet lyrics make me smile, and Smallpools feels like a throwback to high school in the best of possible ways. 

Hit it up! Let me know what's spinning through Spotify for you these days too...I'm a fiend for new music.