off we go!

In just six short hours, Jon and I are off on an adventure! 

We're going from this...


to THIS!….


From this...


to THIS!...

ocean beach chairs palm trees seascapes beach house 3834x2551 wallpaper_www.vehiclehi.com_41.jpg

from this...


to THIS!…


from this...


to THIS!...


Turns out when we got cabin fever this January and booked our trip to Puerto Rico, we picked the perfect time to get the hell out of Dodge…er, Minnesota. The Twin Cities got slammed last night with two inches of solid ice and ten inches of snow, and the forecast for next week is subzero and miserable all the way through. I can't wait for:

- rum-based drinks and catching rays on the beaches of Culebra

-zip lining and waterfall hiking the rainforest of El Yunque

-snorkeling and experiencing the bioluminescent bay of Vieques

-exploring the culture and history of Old San Juan

And MOST of all, spending lots and lots of time with this cute guy on our first big-time vacation together!


We get back the 28th, and I can't wait to share pictures and stories from the trip with you, along with more February awesomeness (um, can you say MOST epic birthday ever?!). Til then, keep your toes warm and the fires burning!