Love letters to life.

Remember when I was going to write these posts celebrating the little fun things in the week, and did it ONCE, and then decided I was going to be incredibly lazy and basically stop writing altogether? Right. Time to get back at the gratitude attitude and appreciate all the quotidian occurrences that make my life so incredibly lovely, taken as a whole. 


- achieving peak basic by making (way too many) chocolate-covered strawberries for the "Bachelor" finale 


- getting to snuggle and play with and laugh at our friends' ridiculously, absurdly, over-the-toply adorable Frenchie, Leia (I have never wanted a dog as badly as I want her, I'm not joking.)

- the prettiest and most fragrant "sunset" tulips, from Costco of all places, that have been going strong for almost a week now


- so much great beer with Dave lately, notably Alpha Acid's Barrel Constrictor stouts and some outstanding IPAs


- the kind of view that makes even perennially-frazzled-in-the-mornings me slow down for a minute


Other bright spots: a raucous and riotous game of "Cards Against Humanity" with the roommates, the release of the 2018 Minnesota High School All-Hockey Hair Team, a lengthy and long overdue phone date with Hannah, planning trips home and to Oregon in May, and - best of all - looking forward to the next two weeks bringing me BOTH Kaitlin AND Kelsie in the Bay Area!