A quick little potpourri post.

--I've made the possibly suicidal decision to do Whole30 AND give up coffee cold-turkey at the same time. Regretting that deeply as the 9am slump hits me hard today...stay tuned for snippets and bits about how that's going, as well as a big old diary-style recap post at the end of the month!

--I walked into work this morning after ten days out of the office and had a letter from the US Senate sitting on my keyboard. It was a thank-you from Al Franken for attending the roundtable he hosted back in November...but it still felt crazy-cool and a couple colleagues have asked about it. Kind of a neat moment to start the week off right.

--The Twin Cities are completely glazed over with a fine layer of ice, which meant that I walked into work without picking my feet up once. Straight up shuffled all the way and still nearly lost my footing...total fail. That said, the way the branches of the trees outside the Xcel sparkled made it all worth it. 

--Kelsie gave me the world's best Christmas gift yesterday at our reunion/happy hour (nearly two months apart! WTF WORLD). It's a bar necklace with a Morse code secret message on it and I am obsessed with mine slash possibly never removing it. 

--"The Bachelor" is back and I watched the whole thing last night while meal-prepping, and I've got to say, I'm crazy-excited for this season. Corinne is batshit crazy, I think Vanessa is fascinating (tri-lingual! Sign me up!), and the way increased number of minority contestants is intriguing...could we be on the fast track to the first minority Bachelorette!?!?...stay tuned!