Resolutionizing: 2017

Happy 2017, campers!! I hope your New Year’s Eve was as sparkly and debauched as can be. I’m currently nursing blistered feet from homicidal heels and a teeny-weeny hangover from our five-course meal and wine tasting at Spoon and Stable…oops. With the highlights and mistakes of 2016 officially in the books, it’s time for my annual tradition of “resolutionizing:” four small, achievable goals, and one over-arching theme for the year. (See 2016, 2015, and 2014 for reference!) Without further ado:

1.     Write more consistently.

I am, at heart, a writer, and this blog is the biggest outlet in my life for that particular hobby. Maintaining this space, however, especially in light of a jam-packed social calendar, often takes a backseat to my tendency to hit up happy hour or marathon a show on Netflix. I always feel like a better, more productive, more fulfilled person when I’m writing, though, so I plan in 2017 to focus more on regularly putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) and exercising the writing muscles.

2.     Take better care of my skin.

27, for me, was the super-fun age at which I started to notice fine lines around my eyes, not to mention the deepening furrow between my eyebrows. Add continual dry skin and the ever-present, when-am-I-going-to-grow-out-of-it acne flare-ups, and clearly I need a better routine. On the list for 2017: a consultation with my dermatologist, religious use of sunscreen and eye cream, and removing my makeup every night, no exceptions…as well as developing a top-to-bottom routine to keep my skin at its healthiest and prettiest.

3.     Procrastinate less.

To my chagrin, I’ve always ascribed to the “Why do today what can be put off til tomorrow?” school of thought. While I’m excellent at making lists, checking off every item has never been my forte…case in point: “clean out trunk of car” has been on the current list since July. While I’ll keep making lists, focusing on actual accomplishment rather than identifying things to do needs to be a focus in 2017…starting with the trunk of the car, and working my way into every avenue of life.

4.     Cook more.

I’ve grown increasingly comfortable in the kitchen in the last couple years, but that hasn’t stopped me from relying heavily on Campbell’s soup, scrambled eggs, or ordering takeout as regular mealtime options. (So much for the 2015 resolution to break up with Bitesquad…EEK.) I plan to make 2017 a year of trying out recipes, eating healthily and deliciously, and hopefully saving money on delivery fees along the way.

And this year’s big theme: be intentional.


While making 2016 my “year of yes” brought me immense joy, it was also exhausting. Along with tons of different experiences, new friends, and memorable adventures, saying yes also led to saving less money, sleeping sporadically and missing out on downtime and relaxation. While 2017 won’t find me saying “no” to everything, I want to be more mindful of what I’m saying yes to, and why saying yes is the best thing for me.

I had an absolutely fantastic 2016, despite the universe in general seeming to melt down around me. In 2017, I want to focus on surrounding myself with the people, activities and priorities that are the best for me…the ones that bring me the most joy, that make me the most thoughtful, effective and motivated person I can be. When I look back on 2016, I see a whirlwind year of fun and adventures, and in 2017 I hope to see the same…but to also see continual, careful consideration of who I am as a person and how my choices and actions shape that. Yes, I want to have the best year ever, but I also want to be the best person possible…and in 2017, I hope living intentionally will bring that desire to fruition.

Here’s to 2017, and to starting the year off intentionally (and right) with leftover champagne for breakfast, wheeeee!!