Inventory: Early January 2017

As of like 7pm last night...

Making: meal plans with no soy, added sugar, dairy, alcohol, or gluten. Holy shit.

Cooking: chicken for a Whole30 chicken salad…lunch recs, anyone?

Drinking: lemon ginger tea.

Reading: “The Pursuit of Love” by Nancy Mitford – going to power through some of the Listology list all month to get #70 of my 101 in 1001 done!

Wanting: Coffee. Giving it up for a month concurrent with Whole30 is going to do me in.

Looking: forward to a warm weather trip to Miami and Puerto Rico in a month.

Playing: “The Man in the High Castle” on Amazon – I’m newly hooked but can only watch in small doses because it kind of freaks me out a little. Anyone else watching?

Listening: lately, obsessively, to the “Hamilton Mixtape.”

Wishing: for a great year.

Enjoying: Nick as the Bachelor, way more than I thought I was going to.

Waiting: for apologies I’m pretty sure are never coming, and also to be okay with that.

Liking: new podcasts I listen to in the gym: “Terrible Thanks for Asking” by Nora McInerny, and the Betches, because they are just so. vapid.

Wondering: what to do about situations I don’t like.

Hoping: that tomorrow's windchill isn't too terribly brutal (UPDATE: IT WAS. GROSS, MINNESOTA.).

Marveling: at how fun Kelsie’s birthday party is going to be (and at the fact that we have it planned over two months out!).

Needing: a new white button-down – the elbow wore through on my old one and I’m irritated.

Smelling: my vanilla cinnamon candle, my chicken cooking, and my lavender hand lotion.

Wearing: my Morse code necklace from Kelsie and a t-shirt that says “Fa la la la la la vodka,” because I’m a grown-up and also not at all holding on to Christmas for too long.

Following: Whole30 on Instagram for inspiration (like this morning’s sweet potato, pear, egg, avocado and sausage breakfast scramble. So good!).

Noticing: drafts off our chilly 100-year-old apartment windows.

Knowing: that I am being bullheaded, but also that I’m sticking to guns that matter on certain matters.

Thinking: about time management, priorities, and being intentional (also about how the heck to get my stove clean after a tiny olive oil accident this evening). 

Bookmarking: the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge, dresses for a wedding in a month, and baby gift ideas.

Giggling: reminiscing about conversations over brunch with David on Monday.

Feeling: weird and curmudgeonly and January’d out already.