Inventory: Summer 2015

As of around 6pm last night:

Making: new Spotify playlists.

Cooking: a giant egg-and-veggie scramble. Partly for dinner tonight, partly for breakfast tomorrow.


Drinking: a cold and well-deserved glass of Sancerre after a long and pretty emotional day.

Reading: American Band by Kristen Laine (for the second time).

Wanting: my endless bug bites from this weekend's up-north shenanigans to stop itching!

Looking: forward to this weekend…a Friday wedding, and nothing but free time on the books after that!

Playing: a lot of Sudoku on my phone these days, while waiting for elevators and arriving early to everything.

Wasting: too much time watching "Grey's Anatomy" marathons.


Wishing: for better sleep. 

Enjoying: a great tan...and all the fun outdoor memories that go with getting it :)

Waiting: to firm up fall 2015 travel plans for work and play. 

Liking: having a crush. Just a little one. But all the same. 

Wondering: what work will look like tomorrow in the face of the announcement of a new CEO.


Loving: my grandma Lo. 

Hoping: for everything to go as easily as possible in the coming days and weeks. 

Marveling: at the 59-day Snapchat streak Kels and I have racked up. Frivolous, but fantastically fun. 

Needing: to fold the big pile of clean laundry I just pulled out of the washer...and not wanting to do so. 


Smelling: like Library of Flowers's Arboretum, my summer go-to perfume.

Wearing: this dress, which has been my favorite work outfit since I got it about a month ago. Feels like wearing pajamas to the office, it’s so comfy. And it’s on sale!!

Following: a ton of new Instagram accounts featuring Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Minnesota. Love!


Noticing: how much earlier it’s getting darker, and…

Knowing: that it’s only going to get worse from here. Fun fact: From Aug 1 to Aug 31, Minnesotans lose 1 hour and 15 minutes of daylight.

Thinking: about mortality and loss and grief. Heavy stuff, right?

Bookmarking: black dresses. 


Opening: thank-you notes and wedding invitations all the time!

Giggling: over the ridiculousness of this season of "Bachelor in Paradise."

Feeling: nostalgic and sentimental.