Summer Snapshots: Life Lately

I kind of feel like all I’ve done this summer is vacillate wildly back and forth between having a ton of awesome, fun, social stuff going on and filling my days and nights, and whining about how exhausted I am because of all that fun. In the spirit of making sure I remember how enjoyable everything is, I dove back into the Camera Roll on my phone and figured all these activities deserved a spot in official Blog History!

Aeons ago in mid-May, Kelsie and I hit up Stanley’s Craft Beer and Bacon Fest the weekend of Art-a-Whirl! We ate pretzel necklaces and fancy flavored bacon while sipping like 100 different tasters of beer.

I also got attacked by this free balloon animal guy, who basically insisted on making me an octopus corsage. Luckily there was a cute seven-year-old selling lemonade on the street corner who was way enthused when I paid my octopus friend forward.

Continuing to feed my new addiction to coloring my hair, I hit up the salon early in the summer for a warmer auburn-y brown and a ton of layers plus a few extra inches lopped off. Thanks Jen and Teresa!

Kels and I have this thing for buying Groupon and LivingSocial deals to breweries, and did a two-in-one-day trip in early June. We checked out NorthGate, where we were legitimately the only two patrons for a solid 45 minutes and, as a result, got a great education in the beers and history of the fledgling brewery from one of the brewmeisters…

…and Insight, where we had these crazy-giant flights and a pint on top of it all!

I loved the fact that they have an IPA named “Piccolo.”

Okay, this shouldn’t be news to anyone given how much I’ve ‘grammed and talked about it, but EVA IS ENGAGED! And Claire and I are bridesmaids! We toasted her engagement way back two days in at Rosa Mexicano with margaritas, sangria, and bottomless guacamole…

…continued partying with a little Bellini action at Claire and Mike’s about two weeks in…

…and of course got bridesmaid-proposed-to shortly thereafter, in an Applebee’s after manicures, because we are basic (and really just wanted a quick dinner before hitting Old Navy for crazy sale action). Can’t wait to celebrate and plan and go wedding-nuts all year long with these two!

Hal and I took in a viewing of “Choir Boy” through Open Call and got to hear new artistic director Joseph Haj speak! I couldn’t have been more nerd-excited to see what he had to say, and it made me cautiously optimistic about his tenure at my beloved Guthrie. 

Over the Fourth, my fam and I kept it super low-key…Jonathan had to work all day, so my parents and I met up down at Lake of the Isles for an early-morning walk. Of course, when you’re two seconds away from Isles Bun and Coffee, you don’t skip the cinnamon rolls. Or, apparently, the coffee cake or scones. I was so full, and had zero regrets.

Farmer’s market lilies! Every summer I lose my mind completely when the family that sells these shows up outside our building at work. They are incredibly vibrant and lovely in person and I love them insanely much on my shiny mirrored coffee table.

To celebrate some big career news for family members, my parents, Jonny and I met up with my godparents and grandma for lunch at St. Paul’s Gopher Bar, where there are no plates, the servers say the F-word, and you pretty much get laughed out of the joint if you don’t order a Coney Dog. Having never had one, I was dubbed a virgin, and let me say, it was a pleasure to lose it here. Definitely recommend a trip if you need a laugh and a junk food fix!

DCI! DCI! As I went totally overboard discussing everything last year, I’ll keep it brief this year. Hal and I roadtripped to LaCrosse, WI for the River City Rhapsody this year, and took in some amazing shows.

My personal fave for the night? The Cavaliers’ “Electricity” themed show. It won, because clearly I have great taste and all.

A few weekends ago, Mike’s best friend Alex came to visit from Appleton for the weekend! We did a little day-drinking at Tugg’s Tavern, enjoying bright rainbow umbrellas, gin-and-tonics with an entire lime, and gorgeous weather.

Also paid a visit to Indeed, as it’s my favorite and, in my opinion, the most charming taproom the Twin Cities has on offer. 

NEW WHEELS! Jonathan will be taking my Corolla (aka Blanche DuBois) to school with him this fall, so I'm now the proud leaseholder on a 2015 Honda Civic EXL. 

A fancy and fabulous second annual Guthrie Open Call Midsummer Night's Ball! Hannah, Stu, Ben, Amy and I attended all dressed to the nines and took lots of pretty pictures (yes, I know I'm a bit vertically challenged)...

...and a few funny ones...

...and loved on fireworks a little bit. So gorgeous!!

Sociable's second annual Northeast Brewer's Block Party was SO HOT I could barely drink beer...heat index over 100 degrees. Poor Katie, Hannah's roommate, suffered a bike accident on the way there and tore herself up pretty badly. Fortunately, the kind folks at Sociable have a great sense of humor, AND they know beer makes anything they gifted her a free drink ticket for their newest cider, "Road Rash." Appropriate, right!?

We've got some cute baby fawns hanging out in our backyard and I've loved watching them every so often when I'm home and they happen to be munching. Too cute!

WHEW. I still have an entire month of summer to go! Sure to be filled with more fun and excitement!