life lately: january

Just little catch-ups of fun goings-on that don't quite fit into other places or posts:

Earlier this month, Hannah, her roommate Sarah and I met up and celebrated Jordan's birthday! Jordan is my "work husband" from my time at EY--we became besties pretty much our first week of training, once they taught us how to use EY instant messager. From then on out, I blame him for at least 50% of my unproductive time at the office...and love him for it. We hit up The Saloon in downtown Minneapolis for a night of dancing and's always a memorable part of my January social calendar!

First official #Rojogram of 2015! Kelsie, her friend Ellie, and I are going to Mexico right before Easter, and on a chilly, blustery Sunday, we met up in Edina to officially book our flights and spaz out about how excited we are. What better way to celebrate finding cheap Southwest flights than with the most potent margaritas I have found to date in Minnesota, and the rainbow-pretty and delicious Rojo guacamole? 

Keeping my Mexican vibe parents and I go visit my lovely Grandma Lo every few weeks, and it's always a great time. This visit, however, was noteworthy because it turned into a totally spontaneous quest for tequila after a random conversation turned to margaritas. Lo's always loved Mexican food, and my Grandpa Leo was never a fan...and on a lovely, warm, sunny day, nothing sounded better to us than chimichangas, chips and salsa, and a margarita on the rocks. 

How cute is my grammy?! After splitting a bottle of wine at Grandma's house (we know how to party), the four of us loaded into my dad's truck and ventured to La Cucaracha, a great hidden gem in St. Paul's Summit Ave neighborhood. The margaritas were smooth as can be, the chips are baked daily in-house, and our meals were perfection...definitely assuaged the sorrow of Pete Carroll's last-second win over the Packers in the NFL semis. 

My book club is the stuff of basic-girl legend. We're about as stereotypical as a 21st-century book club comes...there is always wine, we rarely read the book, and 90% of our sessions are devoted to discussing each other's personal lives. Our January meeting lived up to all our usual expectations. I didn't even read the book on time this month (but did devour it after the meeting!), but we had a blast "discussing" Anita Diamant's The Boston Girl and savoring Cristina's on-theme mini Boston cream pies! 

And finally, just something that really made me smile: on Martin Luther King Day, our elevator bays at work got quote-bombed with MLK-isms. It was probably unprofessional of me, but I pulled a Buddy the Elf and stopped the elevator on every floor to get off and read the quotes. Here's my fave: 

January, you've been good to me this year. Thanks--I needed it.