Ten easy ways to brighten a day in under five minutes.

I may or may not have employed (most) of these this weekend: 

1. Google Image search "ducklings." 

Enough said. 

2. Google Image search "Prince George." 

Again, enough said. 

3. Google Image search "Kate Middleton funny." 

Okay, but really, enough said. That said (tee hee), I'm a big fan of Kate Middleton for the Win and The Inner Duchess of Kate Middleton.

4. Clean something. As simple as wiping down the bathroom counters or running the vacuum quickly...it makes me feel productive and in control and self-satisfied. 

5. Mess around with some kind of new and different makeup in the mirror. I'm veeery into playing with red lipstick. Maybe someday I'll get brave and wear it out of the house!

6. Hop on Trip Advisor and check out pictures of your next vacation destination. For me, that's El Dorado Royale, the resort Kelsie, Ellie and I are headed to in March! Isn't it gorgeous?

7. Give Kaitlin or Laura a call. Even five minutes of talking to them between work and activities makes me smile. 

8. Make a list. Life goals, clothes to get rid of, meal plans, dream travel destinations, a basic to-do list. Bonus points if it's written in turquoise Sharpie pen, like mine tend to be lately...

9. Watch any Saturday Night Live clip that causes uproarious laughs. I love the Brookie & Friend clips advertising luxury items, and Emily just posted this gem on my Facebook last night. 


10. Play a phone app. I'm super into Trivia Crack right now (I blame/thank Mike), and I just downloaded Duolingo to work on my French!