Inventory: Winter 2015

Making: time to take care of myself these days. 

Cooking: At some point, this cauliflower risotto that Kaitlin made a few weeks ago and raved about. 

Drinking: my tenth glass of water for the day. Trying to keep that dry winter skin hydrated from the inside out!


Reading: Blonde, by Joyce Carol Oates, and enjoying it so far. 

Wanting: my one-month shopping hiatus to end so I can see if Express still has that perfect black skirt. 

Looking: forward to the orchestra this evening!

Playing: Trivia Crack ad nauseum against Mike (we're astonishingly intelligent and well-matched, although I tend to get the sports questions wrong...).


Wasting: time at work dreaming of my upcoming Mexican vacation this March with Kelsie!

Wishing: that that 40-degree January weather could have stuck around for the rest of the winter...


Enjoying: the good hair day I'm having today. 

Waiting: to decide on a locale for pre-orchestra cocktails!

Liking: Jake Ballard running around on my TV screen in his underwear during "Scandal" last night!

Wondering: why my neighbors' baby has decided to wail at 5:15 am for the last ten days straight. 

Loving: "Gilmore Girls." I'm so hooked. I want Rory to be my best friend. 

Hoping: that Mama, Emmy and Jonny Schwegs are having a blast in Ohio this weekend!

Marveling: at how fast my least-favorite month went this year. Thanks, January, for sucking way less than usual. 


Needing: to hit up the Clinique counter sometime soon. 

Smelling: the Apple Orchard cleaning spray I just used to wipe down my center island. It's so fresh!

Wearing: a KILLER pair of heels.

Following: up on fraudulent card charges, ugh...but thanks for awesome customer service, Wells Fargo!


Noticing: the blooms on my daffodil shoots. So insanely happy. 

Knowing: that I'll need to make up the gym tomorrow after skipping today. 

Thinking: about our itinerary for Paris this May after reading this book

Bookmarking: recipes for Superbowl snacks in preparation for Sunday. 


Opening: a bottle of wine before Claire gets here!

Giggling: while dancing around my apartment blasting songs from the 60s and 70s and cleaning things up and getting ready for an awesome evening. 

Feeling: incredibly happy, positive and excited about things coming up in my life.