A love letter to February.

February! Oh, February!! HELLO! I've been anxiously awaiting this month basically since January 2nd. I am NOT a January fan. Call it discriminatory winter behavior, but coming on the heels of December and standing in the way of February, it's 31 days of a very, very unhappy Liz. 

February, on the other hand, is the kind of month that tends to leave me smiling. I think February's always gotten a bad rap that it has never deserved...at least in my eyes. Think about it...it's such a short, quick month! Even in leap year, it's at least a day down on all the other months. And at least how I look at it, a winter month that's 1-3 days shorter than all the others is fine by me. 

Plus...a month that's all about pink? Sign me up. Duh. Really, a month that's all about love is right up my alley. I find it very easy to forget to celebrate the incredible amount of love I'm lucky to be surrounded by on a regular basis...having a month that's intended to focus right in on that forces me to remember that there are some pretty great people in the world who love me an awful lot. And if that doesn't warm a girl's heart and get me through this winter, I don't know what will. 

February is also fantastic because it includes my birthday. I am shamelessly the person who enjoys making a totally unwarranted, really big deal out of my birthday (because it's like I did so much, being born on this specific day, right? I feel like moms are the ones who should get celebrated on birthdays!). This is the first year since college that I can really do much for my birthday, but I still don't really have big plans. I'm headed up north this weekend to visit Jon's family, and am for sure celebrating with my family on the 9th and doing something fun for dinner on the 11th (the actual day, which is a Tuesday this year, boo!). 

Jon and I are jetting off to Puerto Rico on 2/22, which is the biggest reason to celebrate of all! I cannot wait to escape the arctic tundra and get myself on a sandy beach with a frozen cocktail in hand. We'll be gone for a week and have grand plans to hike through the rainforest, visit Vieques's bioluminescent bay at night, see Old San Juan, and of course spend ample time relaxing and basking in the warmth. 

February, you are my favorite. That is all. Looking forward to everything the next 24 days have in store!