Resolutionizing Check-in: January 2014

Since we've entered my favorite winter month, it's time for the first monthly check-in on those resolutions I wrote a while back. Because accountability is the only way anything gets done around here, after all! 

1. Cook at least one new recipe a week.

Status: Fail! Oh, FAIL! I cooked like…one new thing period in January! Such a disappointment. Looks like I have a long way to go on this one. 

2. Manage my closet/shopping habits in conjunction with each other more effectively. 

Status: Moderately proud of my progress on this one…I did shop (damn you, online clearance sections!), but everything I bought was for work. Further, I cleaned out a ton of old (seriously, high-school old) skirts, shirts, and sweaters. I'll give myself a B for January on this one. Goal for February: no online shopping whatsoever. Here goes nothing!

3. Have at least one "event date" a month with Jon. 

Status: I'm so in love with this resolution and so proud of how I'm doing with it! Jon and I had a great January of dates. We got in the habit of doing something fun on Fridays after work, which has included a few ski trips to Afton, along with taking advantage of the free WinterSkate in Rice Park after swanky cocktails at the St. Paul Hotel. We also saw "Frozen" (DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED, I'M OBSESSED!) and have started watching "The Bachelor" with wine and snark galore. I do love this guy…pretty lucky. Here's to more dates in all the rest of the months. 

4. Focus on continuing friendships. 

Status: Also really proud of this one! I've had such a social butterfly month, which I'm excited to share soon, and I'm loving taking advantage of more free time to reconnect with friends. Definitely planning on keeping up the great momentum here. 

5. Call my grandma regularly. 

Status: Another epic fail here. I'm disappointed I haven't done this…as I said in my original post, a phone call is SO easy. We've been seeing Grandma Lo regularly for Sunday Funday (deets to come, it's a blast!), but that doesn't give me a free pass on making just a teeny bit more effort. 

6. Grow some succulents. 

Status: Fail. It's cold, it's dark, and my green thumb is gonna be in hibernation until like…Daylight Savings Time starts. Expect some blooming/growing/greening things then. 

7. Write more!

Status: Moderate success? I've been writing lots of little things, like my five-year journal and plenty of verbose emails to BFF Conk. I've sadly neglected the blog this month, though, and that's gotta turn around. Thankfully, I have plenty planned for February! I also did write three pieces of snail mail this month, which was fun and is definitely going to be a continual goal. 

8. Stop leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor. 

Status: Progress has been made! There is now a clothes pile approximately 75% of the time instead of 100% of the time! And I may be wishfully thinking, but it's shrunk. Here's to total elimination by April at the rate we're going…ha!

9. Make smart, healthy choices. 

Status: Actually really pleased with this one so far. Barre has been so inspiring for me. As a friend put it, there's nothing like sore muscles to remind me that I made a great effort to improve my health, which in turn inspires healthier eating and life choices across the board. I also haven't slept in my makeup ONCE yet this year, awww yeah!

10. Focus on maintaining a positive outlook. 

Status: Ugh. This is the one that I didn't think I'd fail, and toooootally did. January is hard, you guys! Not that it's an excuse, but -50 degree temperatures, hours of darkness, and the post-Christmas crash hit me hard this year. I've been brutal to some of the people I love most. Hopefully having things like my birthday, Puerto Rico and spring on the horizon will be the kick in the pants I need to stay grateful for all the wonderful things in my life. 


Here's to a month of progress and 11 more months of accountability!