happiness on the internet

The internet has been full of fantastic things lately...so naturally I thought I'd share the love!

This mashup of Donald Trump "performing" "Closer" by the Chainsmokers is a winner. Mostly for the ridiculous dancing. 

I cracked up at this incredibly perfect Beluga whale photobomb at an aquarium wedding, and all the gold that the internet has produced in response. Long live Katy Perry Left Shark!

April the Giraffe is internet-famous for taking forever to have her baby, and I confess I've had the live stream up on and off over the last day or so. Mostly because I find giraffes adorable and interesting. I fed a giraffe a saltine cracker at the Minnesota Zoo a few summers ago (like, with zookeeper permission) and it was the highlight of that year. Or at least one of them.

Lin Manuel Miranda continues to be my #1 favorite person in the world, and his reaction to the "Hamilton" cast's mashup of "The Schuyler Sisters" with his Oscar-nominated song from "Moana," "How Far I'll Go," during the red carpet preshow warmed my frigid heart so fast. I just love him. 

Of course, the real hot topic from the Oscars is everyone's reaction to the now-infamous Best Picture mix-up. While my Oscar party immediately erupted into total anarchy, I loved seeing that we weren't the only ones...the Oscar attendees themselves put up some pretty insane reactions of their own, as seen here. 

Happy Tuesday, campers! Hope it's lovely.