Champagne on the brain

It's Friday! We didn't get a Snowpocalypse! I'm working from home anyway, wheee! 

I've had champagne on the brain lately, with lots of little reasons to celebrate life in general coming up around the corner. Jonathan posted two articles on my Facebook earlier this week, and they made me smile (and crave bubbles, obviously). 


First, tips on how to drink, serve, and enjoy champagne that made me smile. For instance, drinking champagne out of white wine glasses? Who knew!? I'm really into my yellow Anthropologie flutes, but also invested in a more open-necked set of Rona glasses over the holidays that are going to be my go-to for now. 

Second, and this made me laugh, Jonny shared this article on how to open a bottle of champagne. This called back to an inside joke of ours...I gave him and his friend Tyler my penthouse apartment at Eitel for New Year's Eve while I was at the Fiesta Bowl, with the understanding that they would behave and not trash it. Instead, apparently, they tried to saber a bottle of champagne with one of my Wusthof knives, and cracked the tip off the knife/shattered the top of the bottle. Gotta laugh! 

On my birthday/at Zach and Colleen's gender reveal party, our host, Eric, sabered several bottles of champagne for real, and it was fantastically fun to watch. The cuts were so clean we could drink straight from the of course we did!

Now, on my whole healthy-eating, Whole30, get-fit kick, I'm really cutting back on the alcohol...which means no champagne for this girl, at least in the near future. Then again, apparently there are a ton of health benefits to drinking champagne...which is obviously why I'm doing it, ha. I'll be laughing at 80 when I've got flawless skin, a healthy heart, and a killer of champagne in hand, of course. 

Already daydreaming of the next excuse to pop a's looking like it will be this Sunday's Oscars party, and I'm thinking I'll make one of these recipes for a little extra fun. In the meantime, if anyone needs a little bubbly, let me know...I'll meet you at St. Genevieve anytime!