Quick Fact Sunday, Volume 5

I am ridiculously, absurdly, obscenely into "The Bachelor" franchise. 

It was kind of hard to avoid getting really, really into it when I lived in an all-girls dorm for four years in college. Much less when I quickly found out that a ton of my girlfriends were also super into it. I've been watching it with a healthy dose of cynicism and snarky side commentary since DeAnna Pappas's season in, oh my god, 2008...how are we this old? 

From there on out, it was an addiction I barely tried to hide. I laughed at Jason Mesnick's switcheroo on "After the Final Rose," fell in love with Jillian Harris (and judged her hard for turning down Kiptyn, boo!), and died over the drama of Jake and Vienna, Ben and Courtney, and the dumpster fire that was Juan Pablo. I even follow Ben and Lauren, the most recent couple, on Instagram...my shame knows no bounds. To this day, I watch it with Hannah or Kelsie, and text a few friends running commentary on the episodes throughout. It's sheer vapid escapist fun at its best. 

While "The Bachelor" will always have my heart because of how just plain crazy 25 women competing for a man can get, "The Bachelorette" is off to a stellar start this year. For starters, Jojo, the Bachelorette, is gorgeous...

...and for seconders, she has a cast of absolutely crazy guys, including Aaron Rodgers's little brother and Chad, a roided-out Gaston wannabe who eats lunch meat like I eat TicTacs. The season is already gearing up to be the! most dramatic! season! in Bachelor! HISTORY!, and I'm so excited to watch along...even though I'm missing this week's double-header of Monday and Tuesday episodes due to our trip. 

Any other superfans out there? If so, let's rendezvous next Monday. I'll provide the wine and fancy cheese!