101 in 1001 #3: take a family vacation!

Bless, Adjö, Ha det bra så lenge--Scandinavia here we come!

The Five Schwegs are hopping a plane tonight and jetting off on our first full-family vacation since I was in high school...NINE years! How has it been that long?! With college and school breaks, full-time jobs and busy seasons, and Em not living local, it's been so hard to coordinate getting everyone together and finding a time that worked. What better window than after Jonathan's graduation?! 

Our first stop is Iceland! 

We'll be stationed in Reykjavik for a few days and are hitting up the Blue Lagoon...

...and exploring the Golden Circle with a guide. I can't wait to see the country - everyone I know who has been says it's one of the most beautiful places they've ever seen! 

We have an early flight Sunday to destination #2, Stockholm, Sweden! 

We're staying in Gamla Stan, the "Old Town," and it looks absurdly picturesque. 

While we're there, we'll be taste-testing reindeer meat, exploring the royal palace and Djurgarden, and visiting the Vasa Museum to see the famous Viking ship: 

We also happen to be there over National Day, the Swedish equivalent of the Fourth of July, and from what I've read, the celebrations are a sight to behold. 

Our last stop after Stockholm is Norway! We're spending a couple days based in Oslo...

...exploring the city, which is about the size of Minneapolis, visiting a couple museums and the Vigeland Park. 

Then we're hopping a train for a few days of exploring the beautiful fjords of Norway! We'll be sailing the Sognefjord, Norway's largest...

Then from the mouth of the Sognefjord we head out to the ocean and sail along the coast to Bergen! 

I cannot wait to explore three countries that are totally new to all five of us, and spending time with the entire Schwegfam is going to be absolutely ridiculous and wonderful. To follow along, check me out on Instagram (@missschweg), where I'll be hashtagging trip pics with #SchwegsinScandinavia!