A redesign!

Things are looking a bit different around here these days...after nearly a year and a half of messing around with a new layout behind the scenes, I finally bit the bullet and redesigned the blog! (Again!) 

My original blog layout was comically awful, and I fell fast for the more streamlined look of the next iteration. That pencil-sketched skyline and the clean black-and-white were just so much better than the first design...I legit had a photo as the background with a sheer text box over it. YIKES. 

This one, though, is special to me because it's built around the gorgeous logo and header that my ultra-talented sister Emily designed for me! The watercolored skyline is her work...I have the original hanging in my gallery wall...and the digital text she added is just perfect. I'm utterly in love with it, and so thrilled to finally use it here! 

In addition to the header, she's extra-proud of me for finally getting over my love for printed literature and transitioning to a sans-serif font. Apparently serif is SO 20th-century and the internet only wants to read sans these days. (Should've put the whole thing in Comic Sans, Papyrus and Curlz MT just to give her hives. Someday...)

Still working on some formatting and linkage issues, but playing behind the scenes with this layout was messing up the current one, so here you have it. New design for another new season of life in the land of ten thousand lakes. Check it out and let me know what you think (or if you know how to handle CSS code better than me!)!