pop, fizz, clink: spring cocktails

The moment the weather warms up enough to hit patios and rooftops, you better bet I'm there. I've had such a fun spring with friends and family at some of the Twin Cities' best spots! Here's where I'm dragging everyone with half an iota of patience to go with me: 

Spoon and Stable

Pictured: Purple Rain, a a mix of vodka, cocchi americano, absinthe, creme de violette, and cassis liqueur. I personally think that Spoon and Stable is mixing the best cocktails in the Cities right now, and it doesn't hurt that their bar is ridiculously gorgeous either. Bonus points to Elliot, our favorite bartender, who sneaks Blanton's whiskey tops to my dad and is never too busy to chat. 


Claire, Colleen and I enjoyed a ridiculously delightful girls' night out at the West End CRAVE before Memorial Day. Nothing better than drinking your way through fully a third of the (extensive) cocktail menu. My favorites are the Angry Dragon (a lychée-and-rum martini) and the Raspberry Ginger Gimlet (ginger vodka, raspberries, and basil)...but the surprise free Summer Sangria from our adorable server, Jesse, made our night! Three straws, please. 

Café Lurçat is a Schwegfam mainstay, largely for their bar menu (I'm convinced they have the best fries in the Twin Cities...sorry, Salut!). I've been hooked on their "Pink Lights and Champagne" cocktail since the holidays...Grey Goose Le Poire and elderflower liqueur? Yes please. My mom ordered the "Grapefruit Drop" martini last time we were in though, and I might be a convert for summer...think a lemon drop, with grapefruit, duh. 

Hola Arepa

Hannah's and my happy hour mainstay has expanded their patio and changed up their cocktail menu in time for what's sure to be a busy summer. We hit up the bar the night before I left for Europe and taste-tested the Passiflora (above), which combines vodka and passionfruit...two of my faves. Hannah also tried and loved the Spring Gin & Tonic, a bottled cocktail infused with orange and cardamom. 

House of Hal & Lizzie

...for champagne all day every day, duh. 

Hal and I toasted our new roommate status before he and I both left on consecutive lengthy out of town stints...nothing better than bubbly in champagne glasses that match your roommate's shirt. So excited for a summer of sipping with this one! 

Where did I miss? Let's grab drinks soon, campers!