random rainy day thoughts

My gosh, friends, it's one of those days where I find my mind jumping all over the place. 

It’s straight up not going to be a particularly productive day, which is fine because, thankfully, it doesn’t need to be. I’m in a “calm before the storm” phase at work today and tomorrow, and then things get crazy busy for the next few weeks!

Let’s start off with my boyfriend…

…at least, in my dreams, who is being utterly adorable playing around on the set of the new Star Wars movie hugging Chewbacca and piloting a Y-wing with Luke Skywalker. I love him so much it’s a bit absurd. (Photo via the Kensington Palace Instagram, which I adore.)

I went hardcore puddle-jumping on my way into work today and misjudged the depth of one or two puddles in the process, getting the bottom of my skirt wet..oops. Thank goodness for the fact that I was moderately intelligent and carried my work shoes instead of wearing them on the walk over…the temptation of puddles always brings out my inner six-year-old.

Our office tower was sold to another Twin Cities company last year, and they’ve turned it into a complete nightmare of a construction zone lately as we all prepare for the transition (my company is moving across the street!). This morning I came in to a maze of caution tape and what looked like a few collapsed ceiling panels, and I’m currently enjoying the symphony that is a few industrial drills and (I think) a hacksaw on the floor below me.

In preparation for the move, we’ve been told to start cleaning out our cabinets and drawers, and I have made the following discoveries among my things in the process:

-two old pairs of Ugg boots (just in case I get caught off-guard by a random blizzard…twice?)

-three separate boxes of thank-you notes

-two postcards of Giverny from our trip there last May

-thirteen different hotel-size lotions (oh my god, I’m a terrible hotel lotion kleptomaniac. I take them and put them in my purse every day of a trip so the housekeepers will leave a new one every day, isn’t that terrible?)

St. Paul and Minneapolis are finally starting to burst into bloom as the weather has warmed up, and I, for one, am in heaven. My view from our office overlooks the Mississippi River and the Landmark Center, and it’s such a treat to peek out every so often (aka totally zone out and watch the boats for like two minutes at a time) and see the banks of the river starting to flush green as the trees bud. The cherry trees in Loring Park are all starting to blossom, too…time to start cutting through the park to church (or the bar at Café Lurcat) again!


Happy Tuesday :)