Ear Candy: April 2016

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with:

Elle King, “America’s Sweetheart:” I have a terrible (TERRIBLE!) singing voice and this makes me not even care. I turn it way up and whether I’m in the car or the shower or, god forbid, in public, I go a little bit crazy.

BORNS, “Fool,” “American Money,” and “Dug My Heart:” Three off his full-length album that I love. He has such a weird voice and I can’t get enough of it. My perennial favorites “Seeing Stars” and “Past Lives” are also worth checking out.

DNCE, “Cake By The Ocean:” NO SHAME. I started kind of dancing on the treadmill when this came on mid-interval workout on Monday. It’s so damn catchy.

The Chainsmokers, “Roses:” Heavy rotation since February that’s finally catching on with the rest of the world at large. It’s going to be huge this summer, at least in my book.

Troye Silvan, “Youth:” An Emily find over the holidays that I just added to a playlist and now every time it comes on it makes me feel kind of epic.

Zara Larsson, “Lush Life:” This is going to be SUCH a summer jam. I didn’t love it at first and now, weirdly, every time it comes on, I catch myself sort of singing along a little bit.

The 1975, “The Sound:” The tune and lyrics at the part that’s like “You’re so conceited…I…say that I love you…what does it matter if I lie to you?” are my favorite. So good.

And everything on the Lumineers’ new album, but especially “Cleopatra,” “Angela,” and “My Eyes” at the moment…

And everything by the Oh Hellos ever, period, because they were so good live in Cincy and I have listened to them at least once a day since.