Sunday Brunch: Sun Street Breads

I don’t even know if you can really call this one a brunch, but I like breakfast and I like cute little local places, so here goes!

A few weeks back my parents and I met up to take a lengthy morning walk around the Chain of Lakes…it’s one of our favorite summer activities. Afterward, we usually swing over to Isles Bun & Coffee for giant cinnamon rolls and fresh-squeezed orange juice, but we weren’t in the mood for pastries on that day. I suggested Sun Street Breads, just south of Lake Harriet, and we headed over that way for a quick al fresco breakfast!


It’s kind of funny…Sun Street is located in a strip mall, so on first glance you sort of assume you’re not in for anything special. They’ve done some really cute things with the interior, though…I love the daily riddle, for example:

Add to that the ample opportunity to admire the bakery case while waiting in line, and you’ve made me a happy camper.

In the summer, their outdoor patio is as charming as can be, too, which helps.

Score: 6/10


N/A. We all stuck with water because it was crazy-humid and we had sweat out approx. a gallon.


Sun Street is, above all, a bread bakery…so each of us went with a breakfast biscuit sandwich. My mom and I got turkey sausage, aged cheddar, and scrambled egg, and my dad went with a barbecue pulled pork offering. We also split a blueberry-peach turnover and ordered these really weird matzoh-ball gordita things. The turnover was delicious, but we each threw in the towel after one bite of the matzoh. Just not our thing. The biscuit sandwiches were delicious…fluffy eggs, flaky, buttery biscuits and the sausage was super good. All in all though, a bit disjointed. Good for a super quick breakfast or grabbing something on the go, but I would never treat it as a destination, per se.

Score: 6/10 (the matzoh was so bad it subtracted like…2 points!)