Lately I'm Loving: Irish Edition

Because I’m obsessing over Notre Dame in general lately, here’s a quick roundup of all things Irish on the Internet these days…

--I’m one of those naïve, idealistic girls who thinks college athletes shouldn’t be paid to play. Interesting to hear our university president, Father Jenkins, basically agree with me. While I think the article exposes some critical shortsightedness and he makes some fairly big conjectures about just how untouchable ND football is, I found this New York Times article a fascinating read.

--With starting QB Malik Zaire out of commission for the rest of the season with a broken ankle, I found myself wondering (probably along with the rest of Irish Nation) who the heck our new kid QB was. Enter Grantland with a great Q&A rundown on DeShone Kizer’s gameday performance last Saturday, along with incisive but accurate commentary on everyone’s current state of mind in the post-Zaire era.

--In non-football news, campus played host to US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor as classes kicked off a couple weeks ago as she addressed a packed house in a fireside chat type format with NBC News correspondent Anne Thompson. The recap of her speech makes me wish I could have been there…her topics and presentation sound fascinating. Catch a brief clip courtesy of WNDU, campus TV, here

--I’m almost considering adding Showtime to my already-expensive basic cable package just to be able to tune into their new Notre Dame show, “Hard Knocks: A Season With Notre Dame Football.” It’s going to be interesting to see how they handle chronicling an entire season, especially one that’s already been plagued with injuries and looks to be an uphill battle to a bowl game…or the championship…hey, a girl can dream.

--And last, but certainly not least…this photo will never cease to make me giggle. Mostly because I feel like we ALL felt that way after the game ended…100% wrung-out and completely incapable of even basic human function. So…go Irish, beat Yellowjackets!