Lately I'm Loving

Things on my mind/making me smile/causing distraction these days


--A new favorite in my Instagram feed lately: Subway Book Reviews. Normal commuters on the NY subway are asked what they’re reading and offer their own takes. It’s been a great way to build up my reading list without just picking a book judged by its cover at the nearest bookstore.  

--Speaking of books, I pre-bought and am working my way through Harper Lee’s “Go Set a Watchman.” Regardless of individual takes on the controversy surrounding its publication and content, I’m loving the immersion in Lee’s carefully-crafted, skilled prose. That said, I have so many thoughts and feelings and reading it honestly stresses me out at times. More to come.

--A few upcoming Twin Cities events that I’ve penciled in my calendar: next week Sociable Ciderwerks will host its second annual Northeast Brewers’ Block Party, and I can’t wait to attend! Kelsie and her sister, Hannah and her roommate Katie, Hal, Steph and I had such a good time last year, and it sounds like they’ve worked the kinks out of the first-year feedback…more taplines, more food, and better flow. Also excited for Theater Latte Da’s staging of “Sweeney Todd” starring two of my faves, Sally Wingert and Tyler Michaels, this fall. Will definitely be dragging Mama Bear to that one!

--In case you’ve been living under a rock and missed it, NASA successfully completed a flyby of Pluto last week. The discoveries sound pretty amazing—mountains that may indicate the presence of water, crazy potato moons, and a heart?—but I’m cracking up over a few of the memes that have been rocketing (ha!) around the Internet in the flyby’s wake. A few faves here, here, and here. I'm officially in favor of reinstatement as a planet. 

--And in the name of totally puerile, dumb, I-really-need-to-grow-the-eff-up-now humor, watch this. It makes me giggle EVERY TIME.