Sunday Brunch: Barbette

A few (okay, several, like REALLY SEVERAL) weekends ago, Hannah and I met up for one of our usually-long-overdue catchup sessions over brunch, and it was one of those days where you could linger for hours enjoying the sunshine, and people-watching, and appreciating a friendship. I think late spring and early summer are the best seasons for brunching…especially on a patio this charming!


Barbette is a little French hole-in-the-wall that’s been around on Lake Street for close to a decade now…walking distance from Lake Calhoun and Uptown alike. While the exterior is nothing to write home about, housed in a nondescript whitewashed brick hulk of a building, the interior is all warm wood and interesting light fixtures and a big horseshoe-shaped bar. Their patio, tucked along the side of the building, features café lights strung overhead, bright painted tables, and ivy-covered walls…utterly precious.

Score: 7/10


Hannah stuck with the classic mimosa, and I tried the “Red Dwarf,” which turned out to be a mimosa with cranberry juice instead of OJ. It was yummy! Very little cranberry, so it was just a whisper of flavor, but the champagne was good, and it was tart enough that I didn’t chug it like I sometimes do with the more citrusy counterpart.

Score: 7/10


It’s funny how, less than a month after returning from Paris claiming I was totally oversaturated with French food in general, I made my way to one of the best-known French places in the Twin Cities. What can you do, I guess?

Hannah went with the quiche of the day, which featured asparagus, onion, goat cheese, and pepper. I picked the breakfast crepe…scrambled egg, Brie, and herbs in a buckwheat crepe, all rolled up with apple compote on top and a delicious bed of mixed greens. It was delicious…exactly the sort of un-fussy, plain old good flavor I loved about crepes in France. Bonus points for the delicious light vinaigrette dressing on the greens…perfectly astringent and fresh.

Score: 7/10

All in all, I highly recommend Barbette for your next girly catching-up…especially if you can grab a colorful table outside! To visit yourself, head to, or if French breakfast offerings don’t tickle your fancy, pick another place! I’ve got over a hundred of them right here. Happy brunching!