Saturday morning miscellany.

While it was still cool and breezy in the Cities this morning, I opened up my bedroom window and made myself a coffee and read for an hour. The sun and the air coming in couldn't have felt more relaxing or summery.  The coffee...well, I didn't get the Stevia totally perfectly mixed, so it all sank to the bottom and the last few sips were teeth-hurtingly sweet. The reading? An old favorite I'm loving revisiting. 

My pretty corner apartment has been a bit of a mess this week. Meal planning, workouts, and a busy social calendar kept me from cleaning it up for far longer than I'm proud to admit. Now, though, everything's dusted and sparkly and freshly-washed, and the whole place smells elusively like Lemon Pledge and Pinesol. 

I finally figured out what I want to do with my artwork from Paris, and I can't wait to take it over to Posters on Board and get it all framed and matted and ready to go. Perhaps another peek at the apartment is due...things have changed so much since my first mini-tour in November!

It's so nice to know that I have a great day ahead. Quick workout, meeting Kelsie for a brewery visit, and a fantastic dinner tonight at a place I've wanted to try FOREVER with my mama bear before a quite-fancy and fabulous little gala party... 

Happy Saturday!