Spring addictions

It finally feels like spring has sprung here, and summer is right around the corner. I love this time of year…it’s such a great excuse to change things up and start new. A few of my favorite new additions this year:

Library of Flowers Arboretum. This scent was on sale at A La Mode one Saturday morning after a particularly intense Friday night out, and I decided it would be the perfect hangover cure/pick-me-up. I loved the perfume so much I bought the “Parfum Crema,” a perfumed lotion that’s apparently three times as potent as a spray perfume. I use both almost daily now…the fresh, soft floral scent is totally perfect for spring.

Coconut k-Cups. I’m one of those terrible people who kills the environment daily with my Keurig single-serve cups, and I feel way less shame about that than I apparently should. I discovered the Island Coconut flavor in late February and started using them in mid-April, and they’ve quickly become my new favorite. I’m a fiend for coconut-flavored anything, and adding coconut to caffeine is pretty much the best idea ever in my book.

Nice Ride. As mentioned here, Kait and I tried out Nice Ride when she came to visit, and I enjoyed our bike ride around the Lakes so much that I bought a 30 day Pay as you Go membership. There’s a docking station right outside my apartment, and so far I’ve taken a ride down to the Lakes (again) and also up along the river. I’m also excited that there’s a stop right by Claire and Mike’s apartment…should make our summer get-togethers even more convenient!

Bellinis. Stu gave me a bottle of Bellini mix for Christmas, which Kels and I used on Valentine’s Day. Since then, I’ve been hooked, and using peach for Bellinis instead of orange for mimosas at every opportunity. They’re so refreshing and it feels totally indulgent…like a classier, fancier version of the mimosas I already love.

Gray eyeliner. I went on this crazy makeup-cleanup spree a few weeks ago and found a ton of beauty stash that I didn’t even know I had! This eyeliner by Clinique is my new favorite find. The gray looks a little lighter and fresher than my usual chocolate brown, and it feels really daring without actually being that huge a departure from my everyday work-and-play makeup.

Pastel manicures. My other little spring beauty refresh! Since Mexico, I’ve sported pale blue, mint green, light yellow, peach, and candy-pink on my fingers, and I’m loving the lighter hues. It feels so springy and makes my tan look even better than it really is…I’m a huge fan.

“The Royals” on E!. Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m even admitting to loving this trashtastic mess of a show. It’s so bad. It’s SO bad. I’m so completely fixated on it. Enough said.