Bonjour from Paris!

We're HERE!!!!!

Nowhere near enough exclamation points. An entire blog post of exclamation points couldn't capture my excitement. We're jet-lagged as all get-out after being awake for around 24 hours straight, but we're here and that is all that matters. 

No time for a lengthy post...too much exploring and eating and enjoying to do. Just wanted to share this guy quickly, though: 

That's the Louvre, on the right side with the flag on seen from our apartment for the week. THE EFFING LOUVRE IS RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR APARTMENT WINDOW. Eat your hearts out, Mary Kate and Ashley. ("Passport to Paris" ain't got nothing on this!) 

I think I'm still in shock. Off to go find a cappuccino and a cute garçon...not necessarily in that order ;) Ciao for now!