"Allez, viens!"...off to Paris!

Zut alors, campers, the day has finally arrived. The day I've been waiting for since (no joke) last June. We leave for Paris today!

So I'm a huge dork...our French textbooks in high school were called "Allez, viens!," which translates to "Come on, let's go!" That's EXACTLY how I'm feeling this morning...just one big ball of energy kind of zinging around tapping my toes and shouting that in my mind. In just a few short hours, Mom and I are headed to MSP, where we'll catch a flight to Boston and meet up with Em. We arrive in the land of baguettes and berets tomorrow morning, and I can't wait to share everything we have planned with you. 

We've worked so hard to put this trip together...from researching restaurants to planning tours, putting together ridiculously complex Excel spreadsheets and terrorizing (and being terrorized by) the wait staff and elderly women of the city...and I can't wait for it to come to fruition. Although our ten-day forecast looks like it holds lots of rain, I'm already anxious to stroll the streets, wander the museums, and take it all in. The trip's coming at a perfect time, with all the angst and weirdness of April behind me and nothing to worry about but making fantastic memories with my mom and sister. 

While I won't be checking in on social media often (if at all), I've set up scheduled posts while I'm enjoying the City of Light. Check back in for those, or follow along on our adventures via my Instagram and Twitter (@MissSchweg on both!). Au revoir, mes amis--Paris, I'm coming for you!