Birthday, birthday!

I'm convinced I'm the luckiest girl in the world. My friends and family have spoiled me rotten with love, celebration and good wishes as I turned 26...I have such wonderful people in my life!

I started celebrating fully a week before my birthday with the annual Anthropologie February Birthday event...since my mom and I are Anthro card members, we get to attend private shopping events in our birthday months! We had our nails done, enjoyed a happy hour at Mozza Mia, and shopped to our hearts' was so fun to splurge a little after my January shopping hiatus!

On my actual birthday, last Wednesday, I had a really busy workday punctuated with a lot of great interruptions. My colleague/friend Matt and I hit up Caribou for my free birthday drink, Stu and I lunched at Kincaid's, and I braved 30-mph winds to run to Cossetta's for an assortment of Italian pastries to share with the office. The real party started after work though...meeting up with the madre and padre for dinner at the Saint Paul Grill!

Oh yes, martinis abounded. We had the best time pre-gaming dinner in the bar, then snagged the perfect window table with gorgeous views of Rice Park lit up for the winter: 

Of course, it wouldn't be a birthday dinner without lots of toasting...

And it wouldn't be a Schwegman family trip to the Saint Paul Grill if it didn't include shameful numbers of bathroom selfies! 

I spent the night at home and got to open all my cutely wrapped presents, which were apartment-themed! I can't wait to show off all the darling new additions to my lovely home. 

The party kept rolling on Thursday with a trip to see "Oliver!" at the Pantages Theater. We stopped at J.D. Hoyt's for a hilarious pre-theater dinner in which my dad ordered basically the entire happy hour menu and then chased it with yet another birthday dessert. While he did deign to allow me to blow out my own candle, I think he was more excited about the banana split than I was...

The best part? My birthday fun has yet to draw to a close! Claire and I are throwing a giant joint birthday party this coming weekend to celebrate both our days. I'm so excited...what better excuse to celebrate a month of fun than the otherwise-uneventful 26?!