101 in 1001 #89: Purchase season tickets to an orchestra/theatre.

I've only been working on my 101 in 1001 list for about three and a half months, and I'm already totally sold--writing down goals, ideas, activities and adventures is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Checking off those items one by one satisfies my inner list-maker control freak in a big way, and I love that I have an impetus to get out and do and craft and travel and experience things! 


This item, for example, is one I probably would have seesawed back and forth on forever if I hadn't had it on my list. Last weekend, Mom and I went to the Minnesota Orchestra's beautiful outdoor season kickoff concert at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. It was a perfect day for it...cool, sunny, a light breeze...exactly the kind of day that makes Minnesotans grateful to be alive and calling this state home. 

I've been a Minnesota Orchestra groupie since my high school days, when we would take trips to sit in the worst seats in the house just for the sake of being able to afford the tickets. These days, seeing their shows is one of the few ways I get my instrumental music fix. After an extended strike and the opening of a beautiful renovation to Orchestra Hall, the 2014-2015 season promises excitement, optimism and new beginnings. 

Last Sunday's program featured a new-to-us conductor, William Eddins, who was delightful! His spirit and expressiveness were a pleasure to watch. The concert commenced on a bright, high note with a Glinka overture, then progressed rapidly to spirited Strauss to highlight their fall program, a tribute to the composer's 150th birthday. The Tchaikovsky "Romeo and Juliet" was hands-down my favorite...it's just such lovely, lush, emotive music...and the closing of Borodin's dances ended with the same spirit the show started with. I couldn't get over the sheer number and variety of people...including the Lake Harriet Streetcar Trolley captain who we ended up standing right by: 

We were so excited about the orchestra afterward that we went straight home and built a season package! I'm looking forward to our custom package, which includes next weekend's "New Beginnings" program of Mahler and Barber. We'll celebrate the holidays with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Band, and in January we're seeing a Shakespeare: Star-Crossed Lovers series! We wrap up in February with "That's Amoré," a compilation of Italian composers old and new. 

I can't wait! I'm so happy that I'm making more of an effort to get to live performances...in my eyes, it's such a great investment in an experience that's not only enjoyable at the moment, but totally enriching. Looking forward to enjoying so much live music this year!