Pretty Girly Things: Fall Fashion

So I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in the Twin Cities we're starting to feel a chill in the air in the mornings. Check out this forecast! 

Aaaaand now that I've yet again obsessed over the weather, here's my point: With the change in the season starting to feel a bit more tangible, I'm getting the all-too-familiar urge to get my shop on. These days, it's more window-shopping than actually purchasing, but I have splurged on a few fun new additions to my closet for fall! 

Recent stock-ups have included a new chambray and a cute, French graphic tee from J.Crew Factory...a beautiful ballerina-pink sweater and two pairs of oh-so-girly flats from Banana Republic...and a fantastic, fun but work-appropriate shirtdress from Anthropologie. I'm also experimenting with ankle boots, but can't find my pair online!

This is pretty indicative of what my mood this fall is leaning toward: cozy, feminine, updated classics-with-a-twist. It gets cold fast in Minnesota, but that's never stopped me from wearing skirts (including during our -40 degree polar vortex...thank god for wool tights and leggings!). If I had a closet the size of my future apartment and a wallet the size of a bank vault, here's what else would be in my shopping cart this fall: 

Pretty shirtdresses. 

Anthropologie has mastered these, and Banana Republic's has a few on sale that aren't half-bad either. For weekend wear and layering, this pretty red Madewell offering also caught my eye--bonus: it's on sale!


Ankle boots. 

1.  Gap  . 2.   J.Crew  . 3.   Steve Madden  . 4.   Toms   via Nordstrom.    

1. Gap. 2. J.Crew. 3. Steve Madden. 4. Toms via Nordstrom.  

 I've never been one to veer too far from my "Topsiders, ballet flats, and one pair of brown riding boots" rotation, but I've really found myself drawn to the silhouette of ankle boots lately. The two tougher, more casual pairs would be great for weekends, while I could definitely justify the pairs with heels for the office (with tights and a shirtdress, perhaps?!). 


A great cocktail dress. 

Friends Andrew and Alyssa are getting married at Notre Dame this October, and as a reader in their ceremony, I get to attend the rehearsal as well as the actual wedding! I have my dress for Saturday, a girly, fit-and-flare lace-and-silk dream of a dress, but think these more structured, autumnal cocktail dresses would be perfect for the rehearsal...


Cozy pullover sweaters. 

I am the sweater queeeeeeeen. I have an entire dresser devoted to them. It would really be overkill, if I didn't genuinely wear all of them to death. 


Scarves galore. 

What better way to jazz up a basic sweater-jeans-flats ensemble than with one of these beauties? My scarf collection is super-ready for a refresh. 


Any Anthropologie floral top.

All images Anthropologie. Duh.

These are so great because, styled right, they're three-season tops. Not to mention every single one is just stunning. Sign me up...


Now off to go water my orchard full of money trees, wheeeee!..........