Lately I'm Loving

Things making me smile/on my mind/causing distraction these days: 

--I'm taking on a new role at work that's a pretty big step up difficulty- and seniority-wise from my old role, and the flip side of that is that I'm starting to struggle with a new batch of colleagues taking me seriously. I actually quoted Shakespeare to myself--and my Facebook friends--the other day..."Though she be but little, she is fierce." ("Midsummer Night's Dream," for those curious.) This New York Magazine article piqued my interest--who doesn't want to be powerful and likable at the same time? 

--I love coffee. I love books. I love nerdy jokes. Therefore I am honor-bound to love Literary Starbucks, the brainchild of three way-too-witty Carleton College students who like to imagine the world's great authors attempting to navigate the Starbucks menu. Bonus points to the barista in all the scenarios, for always knowing exactly how to I right? 

--Ever since Laura came to visit, I've had a craving for a Juicy Lucy...I blame our decadent trip to the Nook. Thrillist took some time to compile a list of their favorite Juicy Lucy spots, and I have to say, I'm a bit confused by the Thai salad Juicy Lucy...other spots definitely sound worth a first (let's be real, another) visit, though! 

--My family has a kind of weird but awesome tradition of seeing movies on Christmas Day when we're on our own for the holiday..."Les Mis" in 2012 was pretty much the highlight of my holiday season. This year, I'm hoping we'll head to "Into The Woods;" the MTV first look seems so promising! 

--I'm a proud member of the losing-est graduating class in the history of Notre Dame football. Fun fact, eh? My first three years of school were Charlie Weis's last three years as Notre Dame's head coach, and needless to say, they were painful years to be a football fan (let alone a band member who got to witness most losses up close and personal from the field). This ranking of the defeats of the Weis era made me laugh, cringe, and cry internally a little. I definitely agree that the Snowballgate during the Syracuse loss takes the cake, given I had three guests in to watch a "sure win," and we got routed, and I couldn't feel my toes for hours after.