A thankfulness story.

We’ve all been mindful of what we have to be thankful for lately. Yesterday, with Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror, and all signs pointing to Christmas, I got the best reminder to be thankful always with a story and a day that warmed my heart so deeply.

As we’ve covered ad nauseum here, I worship my boss. He and I click on a professional and personal level that makes every workday fun, productive and engaging…I have so much respect for him, and knowing that it’s mutual makes me feel valued and trusted. He’s quick to give positive feedback, patient and kind when it comes to negatives, and is always ready for an inside joke, coffee run or random life chat. We’ve quickly advanced to the “sharing our personal lives” level, and I’ve gotten to know his three-year old daughter and wife a bit as well.

They are the cutest family, and have the most beautiful story. Their three-year old was adopted from Colombia a little over two years ago, an absolute angel with a passion for the zoo, “Frozen,” and highlighters (in my cube, every time she comes to visit). My boss and his wife are super passionate about the organization they worked with in her adoption, and began the process of a second adoption soon after their first was finalized. Their little one has been so excited about “a baby brudder or sisser” for as long as I’ve known her, and my boss and his wife have waited so patiently through months of red tape, being bumped down on the list by other couples, and even false alarms. They are the best parents, and watching him wait with so much grace was humbling.

Yesterday morning, my boss came into work glowing with excitement and told me I was the first to know that they received some “good news” on Friday after Thanksgiving. Knowing what they were waiting for, I immediately knew that his news was that their second baby was theirs. He shared the whole touching story of how they found out they had been selected, including how excited their daughter was and how overjoyed they were, and showed pictures off with the pride of any new father. Their son will be joining their family this January, and the contentment, excitement and satisfaction my boss has in his soon-to-be child is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I cried happy tears for approximately the entire rest of the day on and off...and I wasn't the only one. We are all SO happy for this family. 

What a thing to be thankful for, and what a testament to the fact that good things happen to good people. I know this is fairly vague…their whole story isn’t mine to tell, but I am just so overflowing with happiness for them that I wanted to make sure I always remember how wonderful yesterday was. Lots to be thankful for, on Thanksgiving and always…and so glad for those little reminders of that.