A few quick links from the last 20 minutes.

So I just got lost in the Internet for a blissful, unproductive, totally self-indulgent 20 minutes, and here's what the outcome was: 

1. I'm craving Chino Latino's Banana Boat Chicken, but I'm too cheap to BiteSquad it, or god forbid, go to Chino and order it. So maybe (in my wildest dreams) I'll hunt down some passion fruit concentrate and make it. Riiiight. Anyone want to have a Chino date soon?

2. Wine. I love it, I drink a lot of it, I know a bit about it but would love to know more. And with a 12-bottle wine rack in my place that needs to be kept filled, I have a perfect excuse to try out Tasting Room. So that's my new plan for around the holidays...an ugly Christmas sweater wine tasting. Again, open invitation!

3. This was just posted on my Facebook feed and encapsulated my life at 25 pretty much perfectly. Here's to the universal self-flagellation and uncertainty of the post-college years, friends. 

4. Everyone knows how Taylor Swift hides messages in her album liners, usually decoding who each song is about. I'm thrilled with the direction she took on "1989"'s notes, for its departure from the "point a finger at the mystery man" thing and for the way it could tell my life story so much better than I could.