Inventory: Fall 2014

I've seen these going around the internet and decided to jump on the bandwagon. I think they'll be quarterly/seasonal little check-ins for me...and it's always fun to look back at these things. Here goes nothing!

Making: endless lists of things to do, places to go, and goals to accomplish. 

Cooking: nothing. Last night's (accidental) ten dozen pumpkin cookies with brown butter pumpkin spice frosting did me in!

Drinking: a "Happy Friday" glass of red wine. 

Not my coffee table. My wine, though. 

Not my coffee table. My wine, though. 

Reading: Monologues from Shakespeare's "Henry V," dramatically, and in perfect iambic pentameter.  

Wanting: darker curtains for my bedroom to sleep through the night a little better. 

Looking: out my window across the rooftops to the park. 

Playing: "1989" on repeat, just like every other basic white girl in the world this week (with dashes of "Frozen" to clinch my basic status). 

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. 

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. 

Wasting: a perfectly good cucumber that went bad because I am too lazy to cook/forgot all about it in my sad vegetable drawer. 

Wishing: to feel at peace with myself like this all the time. 

Enjoying: my three mum plants, which have survived my black thumbs for almost a month now!

Pretty, right?

Pretty, right?

Waiting: to put laundry in the dryer once this interminable spin cycle ends.

Liking: the thought of playing a Halloween drinking game. I.E. "Drink every time a trick or treater dressed as Elsa shows up." Who's in?

Wondering: if there really is something wrong with my heat/AC or if I just have leaky cold-seeping windows. 

Loving: that my parents finally get home from Europe in under 24 hours. So ready for a catchup session with my mom and my dad's goofy jokes. 

Off they went!

Off they went!

Hoping: (wishfully thinking) for just a little more Indian summer. 

Marveling: at how much my blog has grown this month. 

Needing: to get off this laptop and get my butt in gear before tonight!

Smelling: my fall scent of choice on the inside of my wrist: Garden of Eden's Fig and Vanilla custom-blended.

Wearing: my basic girl uniform of Gap skinny jeans and a striped J.Crew top. Someone break me out of my rut please.

I do believe this is what they call an "overdose."

I do believe this is what they call an "overdose."

Following: a diet that will stop including fun-size candy bars the second this damn holiday is over. 

Noticing: that my Jillian Michaels renaissance is paying off, just a little bit. 

Knowing: that everything happens for a reason. (So trite, so true.)

Thinking: about how happy I am here in my beautiful home. 

Last Friday's spectacular sunset, from the roof. 

Last Friday's spectacular sunset, from the roof. 

Bookmarking: This Taylor Swift Buzzfeed quiz. I'm "Fearless," obviously, because it's before she discovered straighteners.

Opening: up with more people and being a tiny bit more honest with myself about why. 

Giggling: at "War Paint," a standup comedy album by Iliza Schlesinger that Laura introduced me to, on Spotify. SO funny. 

Feeling: optimistic...nice to be back on track.