Campers, it's -16 flat temp in Minneapolis right now…with a windchill of -41, aka "negative why the hell do we live here again?" and I am not a fan. I repeat: NOT A FAN. 

holy shit its cold copy.jpg

See that "Limit outdoor exposure thing?" Yeah. It's bad news bears up here. 

I'm making a career out of sporting super-thick Smartwool socks, and my J.Crew camper sweater, the one that weighs, I shit you not, 8.5 pounds (which I know because I weighed it in college). Hot chocolate, tea, and coffee have been consumed by the gallon (well, almost). Tomorrow morning our commute to work is forecasted to be in the negative FIFTIES. Schools across Minnesota have been shut down by mandate of Governor Mark Dayton. Some Minnesotans have raided grocery stores like it's the apocalypse, others have decided to work from home, and a select, very special few have taken this as some kind of bizarre challenge from Mother Nature and responded in a truly "Fuck you" manner by making slightly insane life choices. Like surfing on Lake Superior in -13 degree flat temps: 

Hearing about and seeing things like this makes me love and laugh at my beloved state. Other states cower in the face of dangerously cold weather. Minnesotans? We rejoice that the water "feels balmy" at 38 degrees. At this rate, I won't even need my Puerto Rican vacation in February--anything above zero will be call for a tshirt and flip flops!

That said, I hope everyone stays warm and cozy all day tomorrow and through the rest of the winter. I'll be layering up ever so attractively for that 7 minute walk from the parking ramp to the office tomorrow…wetsuit and surfboard optional.