Love letters to life

The last 36 hours have been a complete circus, friends - I feel like I've screwed up more than I've succeeded at, and I'm so scattered I hardly know which way the sun is shining from...maybe because it's one of those rare Norcal rainy days, which is just adding to my general sense of glumness. 

That said, the whole point of these love letters to life is to find the little things that make life so good, and there have been many little bright spots in this week of general discombobulation, such as...

- starting yoga back up for spring quarter and a: my wrist is totally rehabbed after a few weeks off, and b: I held a standing pigeon pose on BOTH sides for a full 30 seconds each! Small victories!

- kitchen victories: these coconut curry chicken meatballs, which Dave and I devoured on Tuesday night. So good. 

- this precious little piece of Minnesota, my birthday gift from Kelsie, which I have barely taken off since she came to visit!

- new music c/o Dave, who has excellent taste: Streelight Manifesto, a ska-punk band (I know, who even AM I these days?!)...their album "The Hands That Thieve" has been on heavy rotation for the last 24 hours. 

- minor-league hockey on Wednesday in San Jose - Dave and Laura have decided to be hardcore Barracudas fans and I am happy to come along for the ride just for the sheer hilarity of it all. 

- best of all, last-minute buzzer beater victories for Notre Dame women's basketball (Arike Ogunbowale is my HERO!) and, last night, hockey against Michigan (boo! hiss!) glad to see my alma mater pulling these wins off in the most exciting and heart-stopping way possible. 

Happy Friday, campers - here's to the weekend!