Inventory: April 2018

Making: time to write! Hooray! 

Cooking: nothing - I've been eating out shamefully too much and there's no end in sight at least until the weekend. 

Drinking: last night, the most hilarious "flight" of champagne that just consisted of three splits brought to my table in a giant ice bucket. We couldn't stop laughing.

Reading: Celeste Ng's "Little Fires Everywhere," just like everyone else in the world (at least those who aren't reading Meg Wolitzer's "The Female Persuasion.")

Wanting: just about everything in the Anthropologie new releases. 

Looking: for flights to Portland for Theresa's dissertation in May!

Playing: a lot of Cards Against Humanity with the roomskis lately - Laura bought an expansion pack and the freshness is hilarious. 

Listening: to Youngblood Brass Band, after Dave turned them on en route home from Monterey on Sunday. 

Wishing: for a perfect tiny French bulldog puppy to love, cherish, and spoil rotten. 

Enjoying: Bay Area "spring," which is basically the same thing as Bay Area "summer," "fall," and "winter."

Waiting: for Royal Baby #3's name! 

Liking: duh, every single Tweet and Instagram post in the entire internet about the #RoyalBaby. It's me. Who's surprised? 

Wondering: what to wear to the ballet tomorrow. (I just typed "baller" instead of "ballet," which I think disqualifies me from being anything remotely resembling functional this morning.)

Hoping: that Dave gets his schedule for next year soon so we can figure out a summer and fall full of concerts and entertainment. 

Marveling: at upcoming travel I'm planning!

Needing: to pick out a car - my Civic's lease is up in July and I've done shamefully minimal research on what I even want to do next. (Someone talk me off the Tesla cliff!!!!!!)

Smelling: Anatomy of a Frangrance's Wildflower Bergamot - I bought the soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, hand cream, and perfume at Anthropologie because I am so in love with the scent. 

Wearing: a dress! It's 75 degrees in NorCal! Spring! Whee! 

Following: Gary Janetti's account and the #frenchiepuppy hashtag on Instagram, and if you're not, you're missing OUT. 

Noticing: abs and triceps fighting their way through just a little bit more after every gym session. 

Knowing: that I should wrap this up and actually get to work to head off a rampaging boss...

Thinking: a lot about my love life. 

Bookmarking: new black flats - the sole of mine legit just ripped away from the shoe and I'm more than mildly annoyed (and without a backup pair for the day, BLEH).  

Giggling: at the most absurd conversation I'm eavesdropping on down the hall - people are utterly ridiculous, campers. 

Feeling: Pretty good, all things considered.