American Summer, Schweg-style!

One of the undisputed highlights of my time with my mom in California was our day trip to Domaine Chandon! As I bragged oh-so-proudly here, my sister Em designed Chandon’s limited edition summer packaging for both their brut and rosé…so being less than two hours away, we couldn’t resist making the trip!

Located in Yountville, in the heart of Napa Valley, Chandon is charming in a retro, 70’s way. It was made even more charming, however, by the plethora of stripes and cute little bathing beauties sprinkled all around!

While sipping our free welcome tasting of the Chandon Sweet Star, we definitely tried to buy this cooler. It’s not for sale. I’m determined that, by the end of the summer, it will be ours.

Look at how cute everything is! The way Chandon took and applied her work is unbelievable…even the entire tasting bar upstairs is wrapped in the blue stripes for the season. It’s just plain to-die-for.

As we intended to buy a LOT of bubbles, the most logical course of action was for me to join the Members’ Club. I mean, as if I needed an excuse to be in Champagne Club, right? One of the best perks? I get two free flights or full glasses with every visit, in the VIP area, oooh fancy ;)

Having already done flights over the holidays, we opted for two full glasses of their blanc de blancs and blanc de noirs…much drier and less sweet than others they offer! We took our drinks outside, where we snagged the perfect set-up…two Adirondacks overlooking the vineyards.

Being basic bitches, and also being INSANELY proud of Em, we couldn’t resist having another glass…this time, I went with their Etoile Brut…which inspired us to unpack my purchased bottles for a baby photo shoot.

We clearly had way too much fun with this…I guess that’s what happens when you get two Schwegmans and two-and-a-half glasses of bubbly going! We were acting like total dorks, and feeling zero shame...and the best part is, everyone else at Chandon was totally along for the ride. We ended up chatting with a lovely couple from Burlingame for a long time, and trading photos with a group of Swedish exchange students...all of whom were incredibly (or maybe just politely?) interested in Em's work and our connection. I love people, especially when people have had a little bubbly!

On the way out of Chandon, after nearly three hours of sipping and silliness, things officially hit a new level. I take full responsibility for the next series of photos…it was definitely 100% my idea to park the car on the side of the road and go play in the effing grapes for a while.

Caveat: No grapes were harmed in the taking of these photos.

One of the highlights of my summer so far has been following the #chandonsummer hashtag on Instagram – it’s the official designated hashtag for the limited edition bottles, and I’ve spent an absolutely obscene amount of time stalking others' feeds when they feature Em's bottles...seriously, my creepster level is off the charts lately.

Already looking forward to heading back to Chandon with Jonathan this weekend and again a few weeks later when my whole Schwegfam visits!