A proud big sister moment...

Guys, I have to brag on my amazing sister Emily for just a minute. As I've gushed before, she is an incredibly talented graphic designer, who works in packaging design (formerly in Cincinnati, now Chicago!). While she's had a plethora of products on the shelves since, literally, her internship...this summer one of her coolest projects is on sale at a liquor store near you! 

Her design work was selected for Domaine Chandon's Limited Edition Summer bottles for 2017, and I could not be prouder. To contextualize this, the last Limited Edition bottles they did were by fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff. So, in other words, this is a huge deal. 

And look how CUTE they are!


It goes without saying that one of my first weekend trips out in the Bay Area will be to Chandon's winery in Yountville, solely so I can buy up as many bottles as possible (and photograph EVERY display for her!). 

So proud of Meems!!