La Vie "Boheme"

I'm currently losing my mind packing (or doing everything possible to avoid it because packing sucks), winding things down at work (or leaving at 2:30 every day because #quitter), and saying as many goodbyes as possible (or drinking as many drinks as possible because that's what we do). Today's post, therefore, is just a quick dump of pretty photos from a few weeks ago, when Michael and I met up with Antinea and Michael ('other Michael') for our last opera of the season, "La Boheme!" 

We dined at Moscow on the Hill beforehand - my first caviar experience - and were treated to champagne with the other donors/patrons in the gallery at second intermission. All in all, an incredibly delightful evening with people I'm going to miss so much! 

I will forever envy Antinea her incredible height and stunning Badgley Mischka shoes (my 4-inch heels still barely get me to clear the shoulder, BOO). 

What is it about men in tuxes? I wish people dressed up more. 

Breaking up the "photos by the Grand Staircase" binge with a snippet of the loveliest aria, "Che gelida manina" as sung by Scott Quinn as Rodolfo. While I think "Boheme" has some of Puccini's most stunning music, the plot (rather, lack thereof) left me cold...starving artists have tuberculosis and feelings! Oh my! That said, the performance by the Minnesota Opera's cast was absolutely beautiful...sassy Musetta, romantic Rodolfo and tragic Mimi were all sung to perfection.

Also perfection: Antinea's vintage dress, a 1950s find. 


The lighting in the Ordway is so tough - what a nightmare. Loving the Ralph Lauren gown I purchased day-of once we decided to go black-tie as well...there's something sort of decadent and adult about owning gowns that aren't from prom, ha!


BOO BLURRY. All in all, the loveliest night with the loveliest people. Made even better by a nightcap at Spoon and Stable with Michael and the one and only Matt Callanan, who outdid himself afterward by inviting us to his place for a raucous game of Cards Against Humanity, vodka-Diet Mountain Dew in a champagne flute with a Sour Patch Kid garnish, and his fantastic French whiskey. The after-after party with Michael on my roof with a double-pepperoni pizza just cemented a superlative goodbye to our opera nights! 

Now to find myself a crew even half this tall and attractive for the San Francisco Opera...