Today's noteworthy minutiae.

- Current highbrow music I'm obsessing over: Kevin Puts's "Millennium Canons." Current lowbrow music I'm obsessing over: Flo Rida's "Cake." Make of that combo what you will. 

- I stayed up entirely too late last night with Hal and Matt, neither of whom I had seen in weeks (closer to a month in Matt's case) despite the fact that I live with Hal. My alarm this morning went off mid-dream about Adele trying to perform in an opera. She was not very good, and Hal (in my dream) was not very pleased with her performance. 

- I'm really excited for the Netflix "Anne of Green Gables" series, primarily because I am utterly besotted with the Anne books always and forever. I remember being very young (second grade, probably) and checking them all out from the Lake Marion Elementary library. Because I was the kind of girl-child who judged books by their covers, I tried to start with "Rilla of Ingleside," as it had the prettiest cover...even though that's actually the last book in the series. Once I corrected that little error, I fell hard for Anne and all her adventures, and tend to re-read the series in its entirety every few years or so.

- I'm super ready for spring-like temperatures, as I was flu-stricken through last weekend's gorgeous weather. Last night I switched out my black purse for a hand-me-down hot pink Kate Spade courtesy of Mama, and today I'm wearing a delightfully neon scarf with my usual work uniform of black pants and a chambray. Of course that means that this morning it was in the thirties and I froze all the way into work. Fail. 

- "West Side Story" is on at the Ordway right now starring my favorite Twin Cities theater boy, Tyler Michaels, and I'm pretty sure I need to rush tickets soon. 

- Yesterday I had the most intense, visceral craving for a Ben's Cookie from London. I immediately texted Kaitlin, my Ben's Cookie partner in crime, and we ended up down a rabbit hole texty conversation about crab dip, cat GIFs, and save the dates. Gotta love bestie shorthand.

- PSA: Anthropologie has Volcano-scented hand lotion now (like the iconic candle), J.Crew is 30% off and my favorite striped t-shirt now comes in red (I bought it and my boss made a Where's Waldo joke), and Target has insanely cute shoes right now. You can all thank me later. 

Happy almost-weekend, campers!