4/5 of the Schwegfam kicked off February with a warm-weather trip to Miami and Puerto Rico (missed you, Jonny D!). The reason for the trip? My cousin Josh's wedding at the stunning Miami Biltmore! 

We all had a blast in our black-tie best messing around before heading over to the Biltmore from our beachfront condos...

Doesn't my papa bear look fantastic in his tux?!?! And how perfect is Em's bright dress for a Miami wedding?

Aunt Kathy and her gorgeous fam...while the attire may have been appropriate, the behavior was anything but...

Ready to throw down, Papa Schwegs (also stealing my mom's shoes at the earliest opportunity). 

Once we arrived at the Biltmore, we headed out to a fabulous set up, took our seats, and waited a while for the ceremony to start. I can think of worse ways to pass the time than listening to live strings, outside in 80-degree sunshine, with cutie-pie cousin Reese and the Snapchat puppy filter...


The ceremony itself was gorgeous, as was Natasha's Berta gown. So classic! 

The Arnolds clean up nicely :) 

Cocktail hour was outside on a veranda - again, couldn't get over how heavenly it was to enjoy sunshine and warm temps in February! I particularly loved their table assignments - airline "tickets" suspended from tiny airplanes in honor of Josh's career as a pilot!

I'd say the Schwegfam makes black tie look pretty nice, personally...

I also tried my hand at the whole fashion blogger photo thing and, clearly, failed miserably. THANKS CHAMPAGNE. 

Inside the reception, the party kicked off with live music, a lovely first dance, and heartfelt speeches by both sets of parents, the best men (my cousins Jake and Matt) and maid of honor, and the happy couple. 

Little Brooke drinking water out of her champagne glass made my night...little cousins make every party more fun just by being adorable. Brooke danced her socks off and spent most of the reception sleeping on three chairs pushed together, under her dad's tux jacket...oh to be four and darling and able to get away with that! 

The highlight of the reception? The "hora loca," a Caribbean tradition in which performers show up just as the party starts to calm down...and kick it up several (hundred) notches. Josh and Tash had a salsa group come in, and before we knew it the EDM was pumping courtesy of their late-night DJ, the dance floor was raging, and we were all out there with light-up stunna shades, feather boas, and Mardi Gras beads on. 

After we danced til we dropped, I caught I think the only photos of the four Schwegman siblings (my dad, Aunts Kathy and Mary Beth, and Uncle Jim) of the evening...while we got ONE good one out of the bunch, I have about eight out-takes in which some or all of them are making absurd faces and generally being ridiculous. 

Congrats Josh and Tash! You threw one hell of a party!